ReVox PR99 MKIII 2-track black edition...
    special opportunity by techtrader vintage hifi & more...

ReVox PR99 MKIII 2-track high speed maschine - black edition...

up for sale a very special & unique opportunity

a very beautiful ReVox PR99 MKIII 2-track taperecorder

unique version with silver aluminium knobs instead of the original plastic knobs
new lower frontpanel with modified laser layout suitable for the silver knobs

brandnew 2-track heads - NOS

studio speed version with 7.5 ips & 15 ips

- complete disassembled
  - complete cleaned
  - caps changed
  - relais changed
  - trimmer changed   
  - new pinch roller
  - demagnetized
  - new aligned to SM911

comes with
  - 1 brandnew SM911 tape
  - 2 silver reels with box
2 gold reels techtrader style with box
  - 2 NAB Pro adapter with hub, color of your choice
  - 1 ReVox PR99 MKIII manual printed
  1 ReVox powercord
2 XLR - RCA connection cables new

design  by  techtrader vintage hifi &  more...
black glossy design housing engraved or
3D black design housing


- new front panels, black anodized, laser engraved, new decor  rings, new red eyes
-  new reproduction sidepanels
- reel turntables glass bead blasted and new painted
- new head surrounding
- new headblock cover black, laserengraved

get this  unique opportunity for your collection

free worldwide shipping to your door...

techtrader design...